Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of the name Ocelli Creations?

The name Ocelli Creations was inspired by the phenomenon of "eye spots" in nature. Many insects have simple eyes or eye spots (coloration that look like eyes) that are called ocelli (ocellus is the singular form). For example some butterflies have big black spots on their wings that look like false eyes.


Ocelli can be small and subtle, or big and bold, but either way they are a fascinating little corner of the natural world.

The name Ocelli has a symbolic meaning too. We believe in the power of opening your eyes to see the world around you -- whether it be chemicals in your home, the environment we live in, or beauty in nature.

Where do you get insects used in your jewelry?

All the insects that we use have lived out their natural lives and have been found dead in nature.  We do not believe in purchasing insects from insect farms, even when they are 'ethically sourced', because we want to honor the seasonal life-cycle of the animals.


The honey bees are somewhat of an exception. All of our honey bees were donated to us by friends with a bee hive. Their hive collapsed and they donated their deceased bees. If you have a hive that has collapsed that you would like to donate, please contact us!

Related: many of the insects we use we can only find at certain times of year (for example, cicadas are found in our area from June-September). This seasonal limitation means that some styles may not be available all year.

How do I care for my resin jewelry?

If needed, clean the resin lightly with mild soap and water but avoid submerging it in water

Avoid leaving your jewelry in extreme heat (e.g. a hot car)

Do not store in direct sunlight -- it could cause colors to fade in some pieces

Do not store near sharp objects to avoid scratching the resin

Please contact us if you have specific questions or concerns!

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