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A note from Allison

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here and curious about non-toxic consulting! I began these services with the dream of sharing my knowledge of non-toxic and eco-friendly living with folks wanting to improve their health and minimize their impact on the planet. Each consultation draws upon my 10 years of experience in the field of toxicology (I earned my PhD in 2018), and my personal interest and tireless research about related topics. There are so many ways to live a more non-toxic life, so I’m confident that everyone would benefit from these services! Read on to learn more about what I offer, and please reach out if you have questions!

Is non-toxic consulting right for me?

Do you want to make major changes in your life to live in a more healthful way, but are overwhelmed by all the advice out there?


Do you want to ask an expert your burning questions about non-toxic products to cut through the noise and get some real answers?


Do you want one-on-one help to address the issues most relevant and specific to your life?

Maybe you...

~Have a baby on the way (or want to soon)

~Had a health scare and you want to make changes to your lifestyle as a result

~Are conscious of environmental issues and want to make a difference with your own actions


If your answers are yes, read on!


How does it work? (Full Consultation)

I want to get to know you!


It all starts out with a skype or phone call where we get to know each other, and I get to learn about your motivations and intentions. 

No matter the motivation, I want to hear your ‘why’ so that I can help you achieve your goals!


Let’s dive in!


Next, I'll help you evaluate your current lifestyle. This involves a whole-home and lifestyle inventory, so buckle up and be ready to answer many, many questions!


Expertise in action.


Based on your answers, I will pinpoint the areas of your life that will be the easiest and most impactful to change, taking into consideration your goals and your ‘why’. 


We will have another skype call to go through my recommendations. During this call I’m here to answer questions too!


Guidance and resources for action.


Finally, you'll get a full report of my recommendations, and you will also  get resources that are exclusive to consulting (not found on my blog!). This includes a list of some of my favorite products that I have personally tested, recipes for DIY products, and my advice for best practices.


You will be armed with information and a plan!


The follow up:


This is your accountability check in! I will follow up with you 3 months later to see how you are doing, how you are feeling, and if you have more questions. I will help you troubleshoot any areas you’re finding difficult.

How does it work? (Mini Consultation)

The premise is the same, but instead of a fully personalized experience, it’s more of a DIY-style adventure. 


Let's dive in!

You will fill out a detailed questionnaire about your current habits and the products you use regularly, so that I can evaluate your current lifestyle. No skype call, which might be more appealing to the hardcore introverts out there!

Expertise in action. I will pinpoint the areas of your life that will be the easiest and most impactful to improve in order to meet your goals.


Guidance and resources for action. I will provide you with my recommendations of top priority areas for you to address based on your lifestyle, and a list of favorite products, recipes for DIY products, and my advice for best practices.


You will leave armed with information and a plan!

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