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Changes for Ocelli

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

This little business started with a desire to capture the beautiful details of nature. We wanted to leave the natural masterpieces as unchanged as possible, so using a clear, hard resin as medium made sense. The resin allowed us to make our signature piece, cicada wing earrings. They are beautiful and simple (albeit not that simple to make!) and are the essence of Ocelli. Our moth and butterfly wing pieces are a close second!

Our ultimate goal of Ocelli has always been to help people pause in their busy lives, look around, and realize that there are little incredible critters and bits of nature everywhere, whether it be a cool insect, neat leaf, or pretty feather. This goal was two-fold -- to help people find a connection to the earth, at a time when we are more and more immersed in digital lives, and through that connection, build an appreciation for the importance and value of maintaining a healthy planet. Those two parts really encapsulate the deep purpose of Ocelli.

If you’ve been reading the blog, you may have noticed that the most consistent blogging is in the #lowimpactliving section. That section tackles various aspects of living a life with a minimized impact on the environment, and living in ways that are good for our (human) health too. As a toxicologist, this is really where my passion and expertise is. I believe it is up to each of us individually to start making informed choices about what products we use, what things we buy, and how we live. The planet will benefit from this, and so will we.

One of the major challenges that we are facing right now as a planet (in my opinion) is the rampant use of plastic. Plastic food packaging, plastic containers, plastic toys, plastic straws, plastic, plastic, plastic everywhere! While plastic was a miracle when it was first discovered (and don’t get me wrong, it has revolutionized medical technology and other fields), it is now plaguing us. Single use plastics are filling up landfills, because plastic takes A REALLY LONG TIME to degrade. Like way too long.

Back to resin jewelry. Although it’s an awesome medium for capturing cicada wings and honey bees, it is essentially a plastic. I have reached a point where I cannot justify the use of a plastic-y medium for any creations, given my passionate view that too much plastic exists in our lives already. Since I am personally making a lot of changes and decisions to decrease my own plastic use, it certainly doesn’t make sense to continue putting more resin pieces into the world.

What does this mean for Ocelli? Well, it means that in the near-term, I will transitioning to more stone-based jewelry. I still have a stock of resin jewelry, so I will continue to sell those until they are gone, but I don’t have plans to make more at this time. However, the stone jewelry market is significantly more...crowded...than the insect resin jewelry market (haha, obviously!!). It may take a lot of time to gather any momentum in the stone jewelry area, despite having the concept of #naturescolorpalette guiding the pieces.

rose quartz, citrine, and aquamarine, inspired by a soft winter sunset

I will also shift my focus to blogging in the near-term too. I want to continue blogging mostly in the #lowimpactliving category. I have SO MANY ideas for blog posts! The #connecttonature section is still a way for me to share my photography and cool parts of nature that I’ve seen, and I will still share creative inspiration in the #behindthescenes section.

I always love to hear what #lowimpactliving topics folks want to hear about, so please drop me a note on instagram and I will begin researching and thinking about that topic for you! Also, please hop

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