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Inspiration behind the style: wheat field earrings

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Sometimes a style is designed by just playing around in the studio, matching up colors, textures, and shapes until something catches your eye. Other times, there is specific feeling, place, or moment that you want a piece to embody.

I want to share the inspiration behind the style for two pairs of earrings I’ve made recently. Both are warm earth tones, and both have 14k gold tassels and dance and catch the light as you move.

They were inspired by one of my favorite landscapes: wheat fields. For those of you who didn’t grow up in wheat country as I did, wheat is green while it is growing and ripening through the spring and early summer months. During the hot, dry, latter part of the summer, the wheat ripens into the beautiful golden hue that it is known for. It rustles easily in the breeze, creating a wavy and soft appearance across a field. But don’t be fooled by how soft it looks, it is actually quite prickly!

Fields of golden wheat

The sight of golden wheat fields stirs up memories of hot summer days and warm summer nights. Memories of driving through the country roads that wind through the fields with the windows down, arm hanging out of car, soaking in the sunshine from a cloudless sky and inhaling the dusty, sweet smells of the wheat. I wish I could transport you all there to catch a glimpse of this landscape in person.

Edge of a field under a bright summer sun

Wheat fields at sunset look extra magical

These strong memories helped design these earthy, wheat-y earrings. The citrine is a light golden hue that is close to the color of wheat, while the golden agate is a warm brown. The smoky quartz, while a bit darker, is the perfect complement to the other colors. I also *love* the 14k chain tassels on these earrings. They capture the movement that wheat, but also I love the way they bring some flash to an otherwise understated pair of earrings.

I find myself inspired by #naturescolorpalette often, so expect to see more styles inspired by a particular landscape, plant, or little corner of nature.

Do these earrings conjure a place or feeling for you? Pop onto Instagram and drop me a note!

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