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#the100dayproject -- my advice and 100 prompts

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Have you heard of the 100-day project? This is a REALLY cool way to cultivate some aspect of your creativity, or push a project along that has been collecting dust, or explore a new avenue of creativity that you haven’t pursued before.

To be honest, I started this on a total whim. I listened to an episode of the Type A Creative podcast with Lindsay Jean Thomson, one of the facilitators of the endeavor. I had never heard of the project before, and even though it was only a few days from starting, I jumped in.

How did I choose what to do? I knew I didn’t want a creative pursuit that was in any way related to Ocelli because I wanted to flex some different creative muscles. I had already been feeling inspired to write poetry (no idea why, sometimes I go through phases where poetry feels right), so I decided to ride that wave of motivation and roll with it! There began #100daysofpoetrypractice

How did I make it sustainable? Two major things really helped me:

1) I did myself a HUGE favor and wrote out 100 poem prompts for myself before the 100 days started. I haven’t ever had to mull over what to write about - I just flip back to the page in my planner with all the prompts, look at the list, and start writing.

2) I lowered expectations on quality or length. Some of my poems so far have been HORRIBLE. Guess what? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that some of them are promising, all need editing, and I have written one every day anyway. Even in the middle of moving, even when the power went out and I had to use a string of decorative lights to see what I was writing, even when I felt totally uninspired by that day’s prompt.

#100daysofpoetrypractice prompts

My suggestions for trying your own 100 day project:

Pick something that takes <15 minutes per day. If you are painting or doing something that requires a lot of supplies, I would recommend leaving them out/available as much as possible without driving any partners or roommates crazy. You can spend more than 15 minutes if you want and have time, but make sure you can still do it on your busiest of days.

Lower your expectations. You cannot create a masterpiece in 15 minutes. But you CAN create the beginnings of an amazing idea...100 beginnings to 100 amazing ideas is pretty powerful.

If you struggle to do something daily, you can ‘catch up’ on weekends and do multiple small things. (But honestly I suggest picking something so manageable that you can do it every day)

Set limitations. In many ways it’s easier to narrow down your project so much that you don’t have to think very much each day. This will look different for every creative medium. I made my list of prompts that dictated topic every day. Some artists have created a very tiny painting every day.

Anyone can start a 100 day project at any time, and I would highly recommend trying it out. If you want to see what other folks in the art community do with their projects, check out #the100dayproject

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Want to use the 100 creative prompts that I used for my project? Click here to download my list!

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