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Winter birds

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Sometimes winter feels like a cold and dreary nightmare that never ends. Or is that just me? I think all my friends know that winter is my least favorite season, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate certain parts of it. I did a whole blog post recently about how much a love winter sunsets and winter trees juxtaposed on a beautiful sky.

One redeeming part of winter, at least here in the South, is that birds migrate to the area during the winter months. And in general, without the lush foliage on the trees, it is much easier to spot all the birds that might go unnoticed during the spring and summer months. If you have a bird feeder (I sure do!), you may also notice how quickly your bird feeder empties in the winter. They really crush some bird seed in the cold temps! Their activity at the feeder present a wonderful opportunity -- spot some birds that you’ve never seen, or take the time to observe some more common birds that you may pass by in the summer.

White-breasted nuthatch on a cold, wet winter day

How well do you know your local birds? Winter is a good time to start using an app like Merlin Bird ID that can help you figure out what bird you just saw in your neighborhood.

Female Eastern bluebird at the bird feeder

Snowy days are an extra special time to see birds. They are so fluffed up and cute!

Goldfinch, looking very puffy!

Downy woodpecker! One of my favs

If you don't have a bird feeder, but want to see some birds, throw some sunflower seeds outside your house or apartment and see what birds show up!

Drop a message on Instagram if you try this and let us know what birds you see! If you are in NC, I may be able to help with IDing your bird (but no guarantees!).

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